Integral Unban me you Twat - Ryan can you ban Integral he is a noob power hungry cunt!!
dragonfly500 wrote
at 5:56 AM, Saturday November 5, 2022 EDT
Integral you have had me unable to sit at tables for 2 months now what is the deal you Twat?

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Pashaa wrote
at 6:54 AM, Saturday November 5, 2022 EDT
please block these players, wwxx and tmpd PROXY, there is a character that is proof
at 10:49 AM, Saturday November 5, 2022 EDT
you can still post in the forum? :)
Dude111 wrote
at 11:38 AM, Wednesday November 9, 2022 EST
I mean look at the title of this post, maybe hes banned for good reason
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:17 AM, Thursday November 10, 2022 EST
Yeah, I am not a big fan of banning for verbally abusive comments. However, requesting a release with this wording is an interesting approach, especially if you take into account that some people think the applied c-word a sufficient reason for banning...
at 5:44 PM, Thursday November 10, 2022 EST
who'da thunk you wouldn't advocate banning for verbal abuse, louis? ;-D
seriously though, afaik dragonfly-500 got banned for excessive misconduct including, but not limited to verbal abuse, and this forum post clearly shows clemency is still not the way to go here.
if you ask me, I'd say good riddance for good. if he really wants to rejoin our community so badly (lol), he should just re-register and behave better in the future. probably been playing on an alt anyway.
Pokemon Trainer wrote
at 5:06 AM, Saturday November 26, 2022 EST
please block Pashaa
Slinus wrote
at 5:26 PM, Monday November 28, 2022 EST
C U Next Time!
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