PGA: LENANEL & Killer Condom
unknownnn wrote
at 3:48 PM, Wednesday September 21, 2022 EDT
Not one to post in forums or accuse PGA, but fairly blatant 3 games in a row on 2k.

Game Logs:

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Dude111 wrote
at 2:00 AM, Thursday September 22, 2022 EDT
I was there for game 3 I didnt see pga not sure about other 2 games but I doubt it and don't care enough to watch them.
perspicacious wrote
at 7:38 AM, Thursday September 22, 2022 EDT
game 1 - round 3/4 fishy with lenanel
game 2 - round 2 easy kills
game 3 - round 4/5 easy kills

don't see pga, just neighborly love
Killer Condom wrote
at 8:03 AM, Thursday September 22, 2022 EDT
I'd say in game 1 she didnt hit me when she could, either because she didnt want a war with me, or she just felt pity for me and didnt want me to go below 2k and not be able to play more games (conjecture, i have no way of knowing her intentions). I feel like this is done often, because im always on the precipice of falling below 2k, and people like to have me around (again, conjecture. for all i know people hate me, but i feel like people niceplay me all the time, so its just a hunch).

Game 2&3 i dunno what youre talking about. Seems like you got hung up on that we were pga and found evidence of that whatever happened or didnt happen.
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