greeen wrote
at 12:38 PM, Wednesday September 14, 2022 EDT
What kind of review is this: Another bitch taking fun by ruining others games. I hope your real life is ruined by some asshole just the same?

Do you really need to bring real life into a measly game of kdice? oh right, you're the immature one here. I hope you are a better person in your real life because in no way I will lower myself to your level. Don't involve my life into you k-frustrated world. I do take this personally, it's like an attack. I hope you aren't such a coward. Say it to my face next time when we meet.

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Generalstab wrote
at 3:30 AM, Thursday September 15, 2022 EDT
He is such an coward and his dream is to be a mod
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:55 AM, Thursday September 15, 2022 EDT
I will change the review as I agree that involving real life in this way was a bit too much.

However, I do take it very personal myself if I meet people who are having fun and find joy in ruining things for others. This game might be meaningless - seeking fun only in destroying others stays a severe defect.
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