HTTP Status 500 - Can't get session timeout from redis.
at 2:41 PM, Saturday September 10, 2022 EDT
This bug has been happening pretty regularly for me. Any idea what the situation could be?

Sometimes when this pops up, Ill log onto a different profile on the same browser or in incognito mode, and the site works fine. Othertimes it is working fine, then in the middle of a game this shows up in the roll history in the bottom left under the table and Im suddenly logged out. I was logged out mid-game three times during a single game in a tournament yesterday.

I've gotten used to some bugs on this site, but this one is quite irritating.

Any solutions or suggestions?

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a0098pro wrote
at 7:39 PM, Saturday September 10, 2022 EDT
it cause due Ryan's Code is old, we should call him to update his code.
generalissimus S wrote
at 10:00 AM, Sunday September 11, 2022 EDT
Same. 500 http on Firefox, while not on other browsers, but other browsers don't let me make any moves. For me it broke the game
Louis Cypher wrote
at 10:09 AM, Monday September 12, 2022 EDT
No similar happenings with Chrome or Firefox here. No moves is usually a chrome issue, isn't it? You need to scroll up all the way, iirc. I only use chrome when I expect the need for auto-end.
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