new infrastructure, tournaments, etc
gnice37 wrote
at 10:43 PM, Thursday September 1, 2022 EDT
New infrastructure went into effect today, might have some hiccups, if you see any issues please respond to this post for me. One of the biggest changes is tournament times. Please check the schedule because tournaments are not the same time as they were last month. Anyone that made an acct and could not confirm it, you should be able to do that now. At log in page, click on change password and follow prompts....if you dont see the email confirmation, then check your spam folder.

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Acrisius wrote
at 1:58 AM, Saturday September 3, 2022 EDT
A few times a game has started and the wrong map is showing, e.g. a 5 player map when 7 people have joined the game. Several other players have mentioned the same thing. Refreshing my browser (Chrome) fixes the problem, but this seems to be a new phenomenon since the update.
Acrisius wrote
at 1:59 AM, Saturday September 3, 2022 EDT
Also has the bot been retired?
roady38 wrote
at 4:48 PM, Sunday September 4, 2022 EDT
any chance you could make a a big table where two bots could be PGA, or a team? team games always fun...keep up the good work
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