ban IQ IQ
JamesEnsor wrote
at 2:42 PM, Saturday June 18, 2022 EDT
Please ban for preventing games from starting

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Generalstab wrote
at 1:42 AM, Monday June 20, 2022 EDT
Yes, ban cheater
at 7:50 AM, Wednesday June 22, 2022 EDT
I've seen him behave fairly well recently. no proxying, cheating, or being his old self lol.
if there's anyone banworthy recently, it's this letters guy sajdcsaljlasjhsa. his homophobic, racist, russophobic and generally abusive slurs have gotten to a new level of annoying and insulting. I say nuke him the way he suggests "the russians" be nuked. or at least mute his chat.
Generalstab wrote
at 8:24 AM, Wednesday June 22, 2022 EDT
Yes he too
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:24 AM, Thursday June 23, 2022 EDT
I am not in big favor of banning quickly even if people are a pain in the ass at times. You can always use the "/mute playername" feature to silence the guy for perception. After all, we do not suffer of access players, do we?

As long as the verbal abuses don't effect gameplay or lead to actions of others - silence the offender and ignore him.
Generalstab wrote
at 6:09 AM, Thursday June 23, 2022 EDT
Yes, you are famouse for it
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