Siegr. playing a lot of tables simultaneously
kamikaze Mike wrote
at 6:14 PM, Thursday April 28, 2022 EDT
Siegr and his manner of achieving high scores.
Many people can see it from day to day
as Siegr plays.
He is sitting and playing a lot of tables simultaneouly.
I;m not sure is this kind of play following rules or violating rules.
To perform that he should open appropriate amount of browser windows.
I do not know about written rules of kdice
but this manner of play by my opinion is obviously
some kind of cheating. Why do I think so?
Because this way еhe player receives an obvious advantage compared to other players. He can increase his results many times faster than other players.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 11:05 AM, Friday May 6, 2022 EDT
I think this is well within the written rules if he uses the same account at all tables. Sometimes doing this even leads to losses as you might lag out one table playing the other. Overall you will miss moves and aspects, resulting in players not trusting you any more.

After all, you are not disguising the approach, it is open to anyone and it will result in more games. So I wouldn't call it cheating.

Having played two tables at a time myself I found it useful at lower tables but rather disadvantageous at higher tables.
Dude111 wrote
at 5:10 AM, Sunday May 8, 2022 EDT
this isn't cheating, you can also play multiple tables if you want
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