Ban Generalstab
Dude112 wrote
at 1:17 AM, Sunday September 19, 2021 EDT
He's verbally abusive to people every single day in every single game. I understand if you have a bad day or a few bad days and you call people names or rage out but this guy is 100% toxic all the time can we ban this account.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 8:00 AM, Monday September 20, 2021 EDT

From my very open minded perception of verbal comments I don't see Generalstab as a problem.

He is insulting at times, he is obnoxious at others. He tends to be a pain in the ass occasionally - all fine. He is swapping targets a lot, that makes it easier to ignore.

The only part that is critical to me is the frequent pge-ing of somebody. No problem with feeling the heat and going for revenge after you feel treated badly. Do it right away for 2 or 5 games. Things should be forgotten after 2 days latest (and that would be very late). Ruining games and setups for longterm hate and revenge is the most toxic thing.

I am hoping Generalstab is working on this issue. Other than that at least that is an active player - and you can find any incidence I am not a big fan of him (and vice versa, not sure if I am currently on his enemy-list or not).
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