Kdice needs moderation
Dude111 wrote
at 3:51 AM, Monday September 13, 2021 EDT
Too much abusive behavior and pga making kdice a really toxic place for everyone. Need new mods or someone to step up and take out the trash.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:11 AM, Monday September 13, 2021 EDT

But modding this will take time and will not be honored by community. Therefor I can understand that not so many people are volunteering for this job.

If you look through the current regular player base, it is hard to find somebody not involved in some shit one way or the other at least occasionally. And yes, that does include myself as some of my writings can well be judged "toxic".

I'd currently nominate you diveliz and wertrew for mods as my impression is, that you have matured from things done in younger days or not have anything bad on the record at all.

Thrillos 7 and n0mn0mn0m might be options as well, where the first is comparably new (with this account at least). Mindows and april22 come to mind, KillerCondom could be a choice.

Regarding MrsGrendler, simor10, Generalstab and myself I'd say we've been involved in too recent events and controversy to make that a choice that can be easily communicated, even though the regular gameplay is given as well as the experience. All of those might even be able to grow beyond those events, you never know.

It might be an idea to use an alt as mod so the person could use the regular account to continue playing without compromising that account (if the alt is fairly unknown).

Nevertheless, it will be hard to get anybody to volunteer for this job. And maybe even harder to get Ryan to promote a new moderator...
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:17 AM, Monday September 13, 2021 EDT
Quickly asking at the only busy table, Ipe volunteered, promising to ban Sam as first thing. I guess that emphasizes my point on difficulties finding persons for this job that have no prejudics and long term issues - or are at least willing to put those aside.
Walter_Bishop wrote
at 8:13 AM, Monday September 13, 2021 EDT
Lol.... site is horrible, best players have been banned. The weirdos that barely talked or sat at 0s all the time reign supreme now... it is what it is... weeeeeeee
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:03 AM, Wednesday September 15, 2021 EDT
Thanks Walter, that was a very constructive contribution.

I wouldn't know why amount of talking is a metric for quality - but I'd take it. I'm sure I've always been good at that ;-)

Also I would be interested in how you define "best players" and how you measure the quality of a player. Number of medals and points is hard as achievements here that were based on cheating haven't always been nullified, number of games is not really a metric, amount of unfriendly/friendly review.... I wouldn't know for a certain, objective metric. Not having agreed on such, claiming the best to be banned is ambitious.

Other than that, how do we get new, more, maybe better mods? That'd be the question - maybe they'd be willing to unban "the best"...
Walter_Bishop wrote
at 9:40 AM, Thursday September 16, 2021 EDT
This isn't a democracy, this is a dictatorship. The mods have been appointed not voted in. The game is rigged, they will permaban you when you're about to get gold for making an account that is similar to another player's name (all in good fun). If you suck their D, tgey will let things slide, but i don't swing that way... well i mean I've had 3 ways, but never crossed swords...anyways...dictatorships, communism, socialism, marxism, has never worked anywhere...not even on kdice ... it kills everything.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:16 AM, Friday September 17, 2021 EDT
Democracy has taken time to be created and spread. Still it is not present everywhere. Several other forms of reigns have been removed. Things can change, though the odds are not too promissing (how do you remove the admin on a computer system...). OTOH it is a fact that dictatorship is the best system - if you had the right dictator. All monotheistic religions believe in just one dictator - but even that one develops over time (old testament, new testament...).

So, calling for mods and making resonable suggestions is not likely to lead to a democratic decison (in fact I think it is not even likely to be read at all), but ther is a slight chance that it could lead to something. And there is plenty of time to write things like this as games hardly start in this non-modded, no law, deserted place.
Caesar wrote
at 10:28 PM, Saturday September 18, 2021 EDT
sad that sexy red hair didnt mention me
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:55 AM, Monday September 20, 2021 EDT
Caesar my dear, that's probably because we hardly meet at the table an because this incarnation of yourself just isn't exactly a very active account for the time being. If you volunteered for the job, I'd gladly root for you.

For the record, I am quite certain there are more highly qualified persons around that I forgot to mention. My apologies, the list was very subjective from frequent encounters in recent games.

Finally, if there was more active moderation, that'd be an achievement, right?
MrsGrendler wrote
at 11:41 AM, Thursday September 23, 2021 EDT
pick someone from switzerland
chiefKeef wrote
at 4:47 PM, Sunday October 10, 2021 EDT
i volunteer to mod (ban) everyone
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