Nice to see kdice ad in www
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 4:45 AM, Monday September 6, 2021 EDT

Btw...nice post. Hopefully we see some more players in future

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Dude111 wrote
at 1:18 AM, Wednesday September 8, 2021 EDT
yeah too bad you're a toxic bully who abuses people in chat an pgas, not exactly a community builder
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 3:34 AM, Wednesday September 8, 2021 EDT
Before you say i am toxic, you should´t be toxic to other players.
When you speak about "community builder" , please first change your speach, accept flag of other players and dont harass them.

You alone are dept for your pge´s. And when they are on one table, it looks for you like pga.

Dude111 wrote
at 5:04 AM, Wednesday September 8, 2021 EDT
nice to see you are concerned about changing your own behavior, I am always willing to resolve conflicts but you and your "friends" just call people faggots and tell them to fuck themselves when they try to have a nice friendly game, look in the mirror bro
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 5:13 AM, Wednesday September 8, 2021 EDT
Did i sayed to you that just once in this kdice-life?
Think about what you say.

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