2021-07-29: No Maps?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:23 AM, Thursday July 29, 2021 EDT
Assuming that the forum is not as dead as it seems and that maybe somebody looks at this occasionally:

I do not see any maps nor can I change the table using several browsers. Is this the same for all and thus most likely a server problem or do I have to dig deeper into my setup?

If there was no game going for all, that'd increase the likelyhood of this being read...

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Killer Condom wrote
at 7:20 AM, Thursday July 29, 2021 EDT
Yep. Same here. If the game wasn't almost dead already, now it is actually dead? :)
at 10:13 AM, Thursday July 29, 2021 EDT
yeah, same here. the game itself (i.e. the maps) seems to be broken.

how sad that it took this major down for anyone to post in the forum again lol. I think there haven't been any new posts here in like 2 months.
stinkydude wrote
at 2:26 PM, Thursday July 29, 2021 EDT
this needs to get fixed. how am i going to pge joseywales
Vermont wrote
at 3:10 PM, Thursday July 29, 2021 EDT
Sad. I want to play. :(
Louis Cypher wrote
at 1:59 AM, Friday July 30, 2021 EDT
Wanting to play is one thing, the major problem is, that office hours get endless...

There are 3 solutions:
1) The problems are fixed with the monthly reset. Unlikely as the broken 250-tournament survived july-restart.

2) Somebody does inform Ryan who cares and spends the time needed to fix this. Very unlikey as on the one hand I wouldn't know who's here and has direct contact data and on the other hand why would he care as the broken tourneys don't bother him.

3) The remaining few stubborn hardcore players look for an alternative like all others did before. Isn't there another variant of dicewars you can play online or or similar game? Unfortunately I'm afraid this seems to be the most likely variant.

I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.
barry gateaux wrote
at 3:26 AM, Friday July 30, 2021 EDT
yeah, can't join a game for a few days now.
twinky wrote
at 6:40 AM, Friday July 30, 2021 EDT
what about tourneys, do they start?
Exa wrote
at 10:55 AM, Friday July 30, 2021 EDT
will be interesting if this situation hold for 48 more hrs. must be funny to watch
gtzlat wrote
at 11:22 AM, Friday July 30, 2021 EDT
omg yes it is SUPER funny to watch. i'm LOLING so hard i almost feel like im reading the quotation topic!!!
Liathan wrote
at 3:45 PM, Friday July 30, 2021 EDT
I havent found good substitutes so far. Only singleplayergames like dicewars. Any tipps?
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