A cardinal sin committed by TrueBlue
riskbreaker wrote
at 1:19 PM, Monday May 24, 2021 EDT

Confirmed flag breaker.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:45 AM, Wednesday June 2, 2021 EDT
Nonsense. You flag him but he never acknowledged. The third player offers to be killed. You flag up 2nd thus not giving a kill on a 100. He tries to kill you. Very fine for me - what's your problem? Flagging up does not make you untouchable.
riskbreaker wrote
at 1:45 PM, Friday June 11, 2021 EDT
>You flag up 2nd
>He tries to kill you.

Yeah I said that.

Confirmed flag breaking scumbag. Thanks for verifying with your own eyes what I said in this topic that is very much appreciated. Not many people would go to the trouble. Peace out.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:37 AM, Monday June 14, 2021 EDT
There is NO rule saying that you can't kill a person that flagged up - especially not, if you never accepted that flag. It is very rational that you try to go for a kill if it gives you a bonus of 50 points not given by the person otherwise.
riskbreaker wrote
at 1:23 PM, Monday June 14, 2021 EDT
I believe I made myself clear that I'm not interested in your vindications, justifications and excuses. I only see value in my judgement and, of course, the facts that of which you have promptly and graciously confirmed and verified for me. TrueBlue is a flagbreaking scumbag and I thank you for your service. Again. Dismissed.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:07 AM, Tuesday June 15, 2021 EDT
I very much appreciate your repeated yelling of wrong accusations without any proof or understanding of the causing mechanisms. You have perfectly qualified as republican candidate for US-presidency. The problem in discussions with idiots is, that they don't get it when they are just wrong. In that sense - congratulations, you are the biggest idiot in this chat and thus will always have the impression, that you've won. Here are two very simple questions for your most simple mind: Why would you accept a flag that doesn't give you the slightest benefit? How can you break a contract you never agreed to?
riskbreaker wrote
at 1:14 PM, Tuesday June 15, 2021 EDT
>lots of ad-hom attacks
>verified and confirmed TrueBlue is a flag-breaking scumbag anyway

You have quite the imagination. Your persistence is for naught as this is not a debate. My judgement is final. Thanks again for confirming and verifying the facts as I have laid out. All I needed was a witness and you have played the role I had given you beautifully. However, as your usefulness had come to an end I must now bid you adieu. Dismissed.
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