Kdice is Dead
dragonfly500 wrote
at 2:15 PM, Sunday March 28, 2021 EDT
Kdice is so shit now with the trucing going on the 2k games is crazy and also people banning the loyal users since this site started what a fucking joke integral is fucking moron Well it was fun adios amigos fuck you all

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integraI wrote
at 7:11 PM, Sunday March 28, 2021 EDT
don't make death threats and don't sit/stand in games preventing people from playing, seemed like you needed a time out.

Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:31 AM, Monday March 29, 2021 EDT
It is nice to see another mod showing a little activity. You might not agree to all judgements by all mods, but imho opinion we are from the point where no moderation would be better than what is being done.

Take care that it is only a few days break - I am not a special fan of dragonfly500 (or rather, I hate his style of playing most of the time), but he is a longterm regular after all.
Xanavi wrote
at 9:29 PM, Tuesday March 30, 2021 EDT
No 0-level NORMAL 8 stack table. thats insane.
Thraxle wrote
at 9:11 PM, Friday April 2, 2021 EDT
Trucing and 2kâ??s and players getting banned?

This is definitely a new development!
hcdug wrote
at 2:22 PM, Tuesday August 24, 2021 EDT
Cool, with that idiot gone, I guess we can all come back now?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 8:15 AM, Friday August 27, 2021 EDT
Just come back. I don't care for the reasons. We need more players.
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