Deidis (current 1st): How did this score happen?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:26 AM, Wednesday February 17, 2021 EST
The current first is "deidis" - an account I never heard of. That's not the thing, I bet there are many of those. The problem is, that it has only played 11 games this month with an average score of -728 points. There are no won tourneys. And the comeback-bonus since March 2019 is hardly 165.000 points.

Where do the points come from? What is going on here? Did I miss something? Can this be corrected?

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Veta wrote
at 6:56 AM, Thursday February 18, 2021 EST
Maybe this is a person who found a flaw in the kdice points system and is just righting an injustice by reclaiming a gold medal.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:00 AM, Friday February 19, 2021 EST
If that was done by abusing a flaw, it would represent a perfect cause to perma-ban that person with all accounts.

Assuming the claim of an injustice was right (without acknowledging it as I have no facts, no means to get facts and actually don't consider this important enough), still you should not try to undo one injustice with another, as this "reclaiming gold" denies gold to somebody deserving it this month. What is that person supposed to do? An eye for an eye has been overcome by western societies for a while and, imho, has not proven a good strategy in history.
at 5:00 PM, Friday February 19, 2021 EST
so...are you saying the old testament is wrong, louis?
twinky wrote
at 2:23 PM, Saturday February 20, 2021 EST
Killer Condom wrote
at 3:18 PM, Saturday February 20, 2021 EST
And first prize (but still second place this month) goes to twinky for the only quality posting on these forums for a long time. Probably ever.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:17 AM, Monday February 22, 2021 EST
The only problem wiht twinky's nice post, that does include several right points is, that you don't get 165k bonus after 2 years of absence.

It should be around 7-10k. I have an alt that got that once. We have many accounts that bump up with 25k after much more than 2 years. So this is not a valid explanation.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:22 AM, Monday February 22, 2021 EST

Of course the Old Testament is not wrong. In terms of religion it has been overcome and modified by the Sermon/Discourse on the Mountain (not being a native speaker the exact wording is lacking me, I hope you get the point anyways) for those that accept Jesus as the Messias or at least a prophet (Christians, Moslems). The latter had further modifications by another prophet (Mohammed)later. Up to my knowledge it is still unchanged for Jews. Other religions representing a vast part of the worlds population wouldn't be knowing what you are talking about.

Aside from religion which is not the basis of legislation in most countries of the world, the approach is not being enforced literally any more. That was all I was trying to express.
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