Feeling nostalgic
Jungen wrote
at 4:53 PM, Saturday January 2, 2021 EST
I've had so many great times hanging out here (even though it's just a guy in front of the computer all alone). I came back after being gone since 2014 and to see some of you still play is awesome. It's nice to catch up with all of you. The chats and forums are dead now. I did go back and look at some and so glad i was never forgotten. (Awww) missed you all... hearts* xoxo

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:56 PM, Monday January 4, 2021 EST
If you were the person you claim to be it is likely I fell for your alts more than once as I am one of the stupid persons that believes in the good of any single human being until proven wrong while being certain of the evil of mankind. Nevertheless, I don't think I can say I miss you.

Please, confirm that dug is not you - because I do miss him.
Jungen wrote
at 4:12 PM, Monday January 4, 2021 EST
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