Have to accept flags?
Inuyasha2008 wrote
at 2:05 PM, Thursday October 29, 2020 EDT
we are 3 player a b and c I am a
if I offer player c to get 2nd if he sit for 2nd... so its obvious that we fight for 1/3 right?
Do I have to accept a flag from player b if he flags me AFTER I offerd player c to sit?

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Inuyasha2008 wrote
at 2:06 PM, Thursday October 29, 2020 EDT
riskbreaker is now pissed because I didnt accept his flag and write the whole time:

"riskbreaker: watch out. inuyasha doesn't honor flags he's a flagbreaking scumbag"

Aleksa_bre wrote
at 2:10 PM, Thursday October 29, 2020 EDT
The thing is...that guy is a lil bit sick in you should not care about him.
Monsanto wrote
at 2:12 PM, Thursday October 29, 2020 EDT
yup, don't care too much
Karsten4130 wrote
at 6:57 PM, Thursday October 29, 2020 EDT
You did the right thing. A deal is a deal. It was clearly a 1/3.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:30 AM, Friday October 30, 2020 EDT
No question you have to deny that flag and kill him in 3rd. Truce/Counter breaks flags - has always been the way to go.
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