Proxies/PGA: gey1, jocob, vittorio
Karsten4130 wrote
at 3:56 PM, Thursday September 24, 2020 EDT
Watch out and unite against them

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Created wrote
at 5:23 PM, Sunday September 27, 2020 EDT
Yep, experienced it also
Botchilism wrote
at 6:40 PM, Monday September 28, 2020 EDT
Jocob, gey1, AishA18, Uguzmoktu...possibly Vittorio also
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 3:29 AM, Thursday October 1, 2020 EDT
Hi Panzer, we missed you :)
riskbreaker wrote
at 1:35 PM, Thursday October 1, 2020 EDT
gtzlat wrote
at 2:20 AM, Friday October 2, 2020 EDT
Took you guys 4 months to figure out the new bivo proxies even though they couldn't be more obvious. Kdice is really lost without PR.
gtzlat wrote
at 2:21 AM, Friday October 2, 2020 EDT
and you haven't even named all of them yet lol
Louis Cypher wrote
at 10:05 AM, Friday October 2, 2020 EDT
What happened to that story? I sort of missed how Panzer/Bivo-LoveAffair came to an end... Who of them is still here and why?
Created wrote
at 5:15 PM, Friday October 2, 2020 EDT
I don't think Vittorio is part of the proxy, but for some reason supports it
sw1ft25 wrote
at 5:28 PM, Friday October 2, 2020 EDT
vittorio is their buttler
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