Advanced pga strategy
sw1ft25 wrote
at 2:27 PM, Tuesday September 1, 2020 EDT
This is a strike of genius. Whoever invented this makiavelic strategy was out of the ordinary kdice league. It's so good that I dont't see any cons, just advantages for the players.

Stealth in-game and can be used multiple games too (under the umbrella of "chance" and "it was the best move for us" or "its just a coincidence that we truced the last games" etc).

So.. this is how it's done: You try to keep it as lowkey and stealth as u must from the first rounds of the game. You do this by taking small land from each other or by attacking other players for your connect (like 3v3 with island) and if you fail you leave it for pga friend to connect - win-win.

Then as u enter the middle game phase you continue to act like you want to fight each other but you dobt rooll or take critical lands, just small lands that eventually make you grow and make the time pass. And this behaviour forces other players to fight each other because if you dindn't fight other player would think you truced - this is the genius part of the whole strategy.

As you go to the final game phase and see that your enemies are weakened and you can fight them with high posibility of winning, then you stop fighting each other and proceede to truce.

If you can't always 1/2, you go 2/3 and so on. Sometimes the game would require for one of you to give up the truce and flag out because the most important part is to keep ur pga hidden from others.

I wrote this because you can spot it in other players game. If you chose to use this strat then you must be extremely good because if you fail to play stealthy more people will know because of this forum post :)

Cheers and good luck at games :)

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Gurgi wrote
at 3:58 PM, Tuesday September 1, 2020 EDT
too long didn't read
sw1ft25 wrote
at 12:12 AM, Wednesday September 2, 2020 EDT
I know you did read but thanks for the laugh :))
elonukas wrote
at 6:13 AM, Wednesday September 2, 2020 EDT
very useful info. I didtn read it too ;)
sw1ft25 wrote
at 11:53 AM, Wednesday September 2, 2020 EDT
queerer wrote
at 1:24 PM, Wednesday September 2, 2020 EDT
potato27 wrote
at 11:47 AM, Thursday September 3, 2020 EDT
Giving yourself a pat on the back eh? I'll tell you what isn't genius is your points per game. You might need to go outside once in awhile. It must be dark in your moms basement
sw1ft25 wrote
at 4:42 AM, Friday September 4, 2020 EDT
I never really understood why PPG is so important really
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:41 AM, Monday September 7, 2020 EDT
PPG shows you have 2 important things in life:
1) MONEY as you buy membership to not play the low-scoring tables.
2) FRIENDS to funnel you at the high scoring tables.

You see, it is all about PPG (given your life's quality is determined by kdice).

If the part in brackets was not true - play less than the time you spend in office per day.
fuzzymcfuzz wrote
at 2:50 AM, Friday September 11, 2020 EDT
after ten years of playing here, i wish i was surprised to see a long ass post about pga'ing in a subtle to funnel points in a free game...

there's barely anyone who plays anymore. I myself only play when I'm dropping a long deuce... going to these lengths to funnel points is sad man, it's not makiavelian, it's absurd
sw1ft25 wrote
at 8:22 PM, Friday September 18, 2020 EDT
I am talking about other people who do that
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