Alperen Kalay and Serseri Mayin
sw1ft25 wrote
at 6:09 PM, Friday August 28, 2020 EDT - Serseri went for me because Alp told him so

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sw1ft25 wrote
at 8:59 PM, Friday August 28, 2020 EDT
at his command
Louis Cypher wrote
at 8:57 AM, Monday August 31, 2020 EDT
Watching the replay and reading the chat you seem to be having sort of a history there. This single game says nothing but that there is some dislike from Serseri Mayin towards you.

He does not fight yellow to protect red.
He does keep his flag to blue.
All that there is that can be considered strange is that your flag is ignored. But then, virtual flags are not in the rules - however, game to game favors (also with negative sign) are against it.

Altogether, end of the month fight for points and probably too little rest by some of the involved players.
sw1ft25 wrote
at 12:58 PM, Monday August 31, 2020 EDT
the favour part is the one I bring forth. And the fact that serseri attacks me at ALperen's command
Afro wrote
at 2:43 PM, Monday August 31, 2020 EDT
I told you, some people just don't like you. Lol.
sw1ft25 wrote
at 12:13 AM, Wednesday September 2, 2020 EDT
don't like me because i called thir pga. which i don't mind
sw1ft25 wrote
at 5:21 AM, Wednesday September 2, 2020 EDT
Btw Afro, just cuz some players don'like other players such behaviour is not to be accepted. End of story
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