bivo wrote
at 1:08 PM, Monday June 29, 2020 EDT
PanzerRed: well, whatever he's doing, he's acting in a way that makes everybody think he's bivo

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PanzerRed: those weren't he main ones

PanzerRed: that* wasn't

Zeroluck is here

PanzerRed: one_t_cool_t_

TLP: is NOT bivo we told you that

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PanzerRed: It is...

TLP: no it is not

PanzerRed: gnice mentioned the IP's

PanzerRed: and the day later, bivo and Kurton changed their methods

PanzerRed: If you knew kdice, you could see how they play together

PanzerRed: everybody else sees it

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TLP: then let them see it for themselves STOP making reviews and comments in chat

TLP: one_t_cool_t_ is not bivo

PanzerRed: that's impossible

PanzerRed: ask liramta or fzone or huhu

TLP: the IP is Netherlands

TLP: so it isnt impossible

PanzerRed: that's fake

PanzerRed: his words in one game were "red bitch" and "who is bivo fucker"

TLP: Ok you arent listening STOP the reviews and the stirring in chat or you will be -post and chat for 5 days on ALL accounts that you may make

PanzerRed: fine

PanzerRed: but my point is

PanzerRed: that bivo is just going to complain that

PanzerRed: huhu is saying it

PanzerRed: or fzone

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PanzerRed: he will just move his demands

PanzerRed: after getting one

PanzerRed: and you don't want me to even say "bosom friends"?

PanzerRed: or "Read reviews"

TLP: They may say it in the games, I did see that but they dont appear to have a vendetta

TLP: I would like you not to stir the pot in any way for a goodly time so things can settle down

PanzerRed: but that's it

PanzerRed: Things will never settle down here

PanzerRed: but okay

PanzerRed: So what I can say then

PanzerRed: just "Read reviews."

TLP: no I dont want you saying bosom buddies or read reviews becasue that is stirring the pot

PanzerRed: fine, it's not going to help

PanzerRed: he'll just complain about huhu

PanzerRed: but okay

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Kurton wrote
at 1:11 PM, Monday June 29, 2020 EDT
sick !
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