Real Panzerred
Kurton wrote
at 7:56 PM, Saturday June 27, 2020 EDT
This game shows who is panzerred
little kid, with some poor proxies, insult , and never play fair. Also , Avigdor admit his proxies, or panzer proxies, I don't care, but cheating is here. Patological hate for everyone who don't play against him. I have fun, don't care for winning or points, but Avigdor insult my mother, and some of worse Serbian swear words to me. Panzer enjoy that.

This game show for everyone, the rules are not for panzer and Avigdor, and they have 3 4 or 5 proxies on game at every moment.

They cant win fair, and this is his life, not mine. What you say about player who is on kdice every day and every night, put clock to remind him on every tournament, 20 times on a day.

I understand that, Kdice is life for someone.
Is that sick and need help in real life, I don't know. But I have compassion for sick people. All sick people need help. Let them win some games, they need that.

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Kurton wrote
at 7:58 PM, Saturday June 27, 2020 EDT
*** Hate for everyone who is not with them...
PanzerRed wrote
at 11:37 AM, Sunday June 28, 2020 EDT
For starters, I didn't even play in the game you posted. I was a gray.

And in that game, everyone can see that I actually suggested that the players play fair with you (even though you have earned the hatred of every single person on the site). I said that since you were playing with only one account, they should reward your good behavior and treat you like a normal player.

And none of us speak Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian. All the Bosnian words we know we learned from you and bivo.
Kurton wrote
at 1:06 PM, Sunday June 28, 2020 EDT
Yes yes, maybe you know Chinese, Italian, and greek. Hmm, you know all language on kdice!

Everyine can look a game I post.

You post what you want, you are LIAR! Im not bivo proxy as you say 2 years, every day and night.
Kurton wrote
at 1:08 PM, Sunday June 28, 2020 EDT
also, if you post all proxies, btw, you don't know who is, where is posts on Avigdor and fake potato. Hmm, o. Your proxiesssss. Have a life panzer.
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