Bivo Blocks Tourneys, GPokr Mods Do Nothing, So June 26 List of Proxies
PanzerRed wrote
at 7:20 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
So bivo and Kurton openly P.G.A., that's okay by the mods.
They openly proxy, that's okay by the mods.
They both make over-the-top racist comments (I can link the game if you want to see it), that's okay by the mods.
And now they block tourneys, and that's okay by the mods.

I was told not to say "bivo and Kurton PGA," so I stopped doing that.
Then I was told not to say "bivo and Kurton are bosom buddies," so I stopped doing that.
Then I was told not to point out the proxies, so I stopped doing that.
Then I was told not to even say "Read reviews," because it "antagonizes" them, so I stopped doing that.
And I was told that if I didn't stop doing these things that it was ME who was going to be banned.

But bivo and Kurton still cheat.

Now one of the GPokr mods says we're on our own. Well, let's be on our own then. Here's the current list of the bivo/Kurton proxies.

The 2 main accounts:



The proxies:







Derek Trotter


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TLP wrote
at 7:45 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
thats EXACTLY it Panzer we are GPOKR mods NOT kdice mods. we tried to help, a tenetative truce but no you had to keep stirring things up. Now you reap what you sowed.
Afro wrote
at 8:23 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
TLP, that is BULLSHIT. Nothing was stirred up, BIVO FUCKING CHEATS.
Afro wrote
at 8:24 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
Afro is going to have a ton of GPOKR fucking proxies and see how you like it.
Afro wrote
at 8:25 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
Just re-ban BIVO which is his pride and joy and we'll be happy.
TLP wrote
at 8:43 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
very grown up behaviour Afro
Afro wrote
at 9:17 PM, Thursday June 25, 2020 EDT
You're blaming the non-cheaters, who have provided tons of evidence against the cheaters, and you say it's Panzer's fault for bivo.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:38 AM, Friday June 26, 2020 EDT
One of the main problems is, that there are no active kdice mods.

I fully understand anybody that has better things to do in his/her life than modding a mostly dead online game with some very active freaked out psychos unleashed for free and a load of guaranteed insults no matter how you do the job.

If you wanted to handle the current problem, you'd have to:
a) ban anybody heavily involved for at least 2 months.
b) have a group of mods activate new accounts thus dissabling the feature of creating a hundred alts an hour.

As long as we don't have b) there is no use to start with a) as it will lead to nothing. If b) was to be enabled we would be needing (1) a group of persons willing and able to be mods and (2) an owner of the site that was willing to make the mandatory changes.

Since we all know that neither (1) nor (2) is given, just forget about it.
Kurton wrote
at 11:56 AM, Friday June 26, 2020 EDT
LIAR panzerred, till yesterday you talk everyone that Im Kurton, am bivo proxy. But now change a story. New players cannot post, easy to acuse them. Mods check and see , many new players are not proxies. And what you think about this.
New player first game,
panzer acuse - bivo proxy
what he can do, play against all who listen panzerred, and this is your proof?

I meet dereck, and allem, 2 person, and explain them what you are.

Rest of I don't know.
Tranvestit is also Bosnian, maybe some bivos friend, but real person, admin check.

So, everybody who played against panzer or his pga proxy friends is proxy?

This is mad. Go find help panzer, your help is not on kdice. Find something in life. Every tournament you are here, EVERY. And look how to make mess, funnel or something.
gnice37 wrote
at 7:20 PM, Friday June 26, 2020 EDT
this is a very busy time of the year for me. i have my own business, covid virus shut me down for nearly 2 months, so that means i am 2 months behind schedule and i cant be online every night. when i came to kdice to try and help, my main goal, i stated this, was to try and stop tournaments from being blocked. The bickering between everyone needs to stop. I have asked Ryan to get you new mods that understand the game, which TLP and i dont understand the game. Ryan is not responding to any of us..We are really trying to help you all, but if you all cant get along then why bother?
bivo wrote
at 9:48 PM, Friday June 26, 2020 EDT
gnice37 we are terminating the armistice long as you don't ban pancerreda this game and poker are going to ruin!
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