Promotions/Recruiting New Folks
Glitter Bukakke wrote
at 7:04 PM, Thursday February 27, 2020 EST
Are there any online gaming sites or boards that we could promote KDice on? Any recommend sub-Reddits?

It'd be great to get new blood on this site, especially with there being so few games active at times.

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barry gateaux wrote
at 9:02 PM, Thursday February 27, 2020 EST
until the bivo proxy situation, the new player bugs, and lack of an app for iphones or android are dealt with it won't work.

bivo is still on a one man mission to block out the tournies, new players can't chat (or add avas) which means they're not able to flag or accept flags so they get killed constantly, and most people use phones for games so kdice is invisible to them
barry gateaux wrote
at 9:21 PM, Thursday February 27, 2020 EST
any new players will have a bad time right now because of these factors, leave, and never come back.

if the problems are somehow fixed people will do what we all did when it was good - stay.

we're still here because we remember what it was like when it was great and cling on despite the problems. new people will see it for what it is right now and understandably leave and play something else.

bivo's proxies blocking the tournies, inability for new players to use the chat, and a lack of an app for phones need to be addressed first, then people will be able to play, enjoy it, and stay.
Glitter Bukakke wrote
at 1:30 PM, Sunday March 1, 2020 EST
I guess I agree with you. It's unfortunate that someone's mental health issues is destroying this site.

Bivo needs a significant other or something to keep them busy, as opposed to harassing a few people on a gaming site. It's sad, but I think being obnoxious for attention and taking "power" in the form of made up internet points is the only attention they get. Sad.
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