Monsanto wrote
at 3:22 AM, Wednesday February 12, 2020 EST

strange bug, map changes constantly, both need to refresh, you can even see strange moves happening in replay, from around round 15 on..

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PanzerRed wrote
at 4:37 AM, Wednesday February 12, 2020 EST
Me and Chipati saw some weird stuff at the Players Night tourney.

3 of the 6 players were away the first game and it knocked them completely out of the tourney after round 3 of that first game.

Then in the second game, one of the players who had been knocked out of the tourney was suddenly back and he now had 900 points. But he was still away so it knocked him out again.

And it's even more strange, because I had checked how many people had signed up for the tourney 10 minutes before it started and I was the only one. So 3 players had signed up in the last 10 minutes and then left? Or maybe a bug occurred and automatically signed them up?
barry gateaux wrote
at 7:09 AM, Wednesday February 12, 2020 EST
the 250 tourney i'm in is doing weird shit now. it's showing 2 tables waiting, but 0 players in each. didn't get the 'do you want to join now?' message. it's not starting either.
avesano wrote
at 12:06 PM, Wednesday February 12, 2020 EST
This sadly seems to be the end, guys, was a pleasure to play with you.
PanzerRed wrote
at 5:47 PM, Wednesday February 12, 2020 EST
More weird things:

Earlier, all the comments and "________ has left" were double
i.e. if somebody left the table, it would say,
"krme has left
krme has left"

And players had to constantly refresh and sit in.

I went back to one of the games where this happened, so I could post an example here, but all the comments are gone from the replay. But you can still see how many times people had to sit in.

And even weirder, each game I watched now appears as TWO GAMES.

Lord Magnus at 16:39:45:

Lord Magnus at 16:39:45:

Both "games" started at the same time with the same players, but one ended 30 seconds later than the other.

And the same thing with Lord Magnus at 17:05:

This time, one ended 42 seconds later than the other. And the results were different. Mike Pardon, one of bivo's proxies, got 1st in one and 4th in the other. But these 2 games were just 1 game.
barry gateaux wrote
at 1:17 PM, Thursday February 13, 2020 EST
just had that too lol. it's crazy )))
JamesKPolk wrote
at 7:25 PM, Friday February 14, 2020 EST
I was entered into a tourney last night even though I didn't voluntarily enter. I was in another table but got a pop-up telling me I was seated at the tourney.
probabler wrote
at 9:21 AM, Sunday February 16, 2020 EST
Jurgen table has problems STILL.

TheDarkKnight wrote
at 6:10 AM, Tuesday February 18, 2020 EST
What can we do to solve?

Might be stupid question but does anyone actually know Ryan?

I would be willing to put up some funds in a trust to get community to keep up the site. Might be too much to ask. If this truly is the end it's been a pleasure passing the time with you all.

Will check in with further ideas in 12 hours or so.
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