ACTIVE- Tournament sabotage- Proxies
Help, I'm a rock wrote
at 4:12 PM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST
They are CURRENTLY holding up the 100 table Tournament. Almost had him eradicated from tournament, but two of the proxies one a game, and set autoturn. This way can they can come back hours later and everyone will be gone.
Please ban these accounts now so that we can continue tournament.

Proxies holding up the tournament right now are: beybijurgenfuck2 & antipanzerclan2

Dlaka and retardjurgen2 were also proxies in the tournament but we beat them.

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trism wrote
at 4:21 PM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST
Yes, I was there, mods need to come in weekly and clean out all the proxies, they are easy to spot.
Captain Ramius wrote
at 4:23 PM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST
Yes, i am watching them autoturn round 825, please ban them.
Captain Ramius wrote
at 4:41 PM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST
tourney is back on
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