Is Kdice still playable?
der_spieler2013 wrote
at 8:49 AM, Monday November 25, 2019 EST
I saw various table consisting of only Bots/or Proxies or low lvl Players. Are they all new or do they belong to someone? Also many here in the forum state many players are just proxies. I came back after a break and i want to know is kdice still playable with all these bots?

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:40 AM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
Up to my knowledge there is just one bot that is active occasionally. That would be AIBotPlayer ( That bot only fills low tables (50 and 100). Gather some points and move to other tables.

Kdice is playable, even with that bot and numerous so called proxies around. The word "proxy" is used to easily today.

I have more than 1 account - this used to be called "alt", but never use them at the same time. This has always happened and is not a problem imho. A "proxy" would be a second account of the same person active at the same time and maybe at the same table. This did happen a lot with City Fighter but seem better controlled at the moment.

In summary, I do think kdice is playable and can still be great fun.
trism wrote
at 4:40 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
Well... it's not really controlled. There is currently a load of CF proxies active and one of them is points leader.

You can have some good games but after a certain point in the night the swarm of proxies come on and you have to watch out and leave the game immediately if they show up.

They also can ruin tournaments.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:04 AM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
Trism is right there - I was away a few days and had not seen the new bunch. However, they are fairly easy to be recognized. When the shit starts, stop playing...

Btw, I think it is Kurton this time, not City Fighter. CF never used names that insulted mods, Kurton loves to do that...
MikePardon wrote
at 1:26 PM, Saturday November 30, 2019 EST
I played the game many years ago when it was much more active. Sad to see it so far diminished from where it once was. Similar to that XSketch used to be quite active too!
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