dragonfly500 and ruby999 pga in tourney
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 5:35 AM, Saturday September 14, 2019 EDT
i got warned, i fell for the pga, that's on me. apart from that, i'll go for them where i see them and others should be warned.

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ruby999 wrote
at 5:41 AM, Saturday September 14, 2019 EDT
Louis Cypher wrote
at 8:02 AM, Monday September 16, 2019 EDT
To me a pretty mean stunt on your expense, but if they were pga they wouldn't have discussed it during the game but just done it.

So clearly a stabb after 2 flags, clearly mean, clearly a reason to demand real flags from both in the futur though that would not have helped you here, but no pga from what I have seen.

And, taken by the letter, you might consider stabbing unethical (ask DAS about it), but it is not against the rules.
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 4:57 AM, Tuesday September 17, 2019 EDT
maybe you are right and it wasn't pga and i overreacted with that accusation, but i was really pissed after that tourney.

and even if it wasn't pga, it was quiet a demonstration of what their characters are like.

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