Kdice = Panzerred
Kurton wrote
at 6:46 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
I came after 3 years, and nothing change, this game is dead. Integral made mistake again. Panzerred rules this game. Many proxies, and integral do what Panzer say. Ban every new player, ban every player who not with panzerred. If you don't play and post against Panzerred , get ban. So panzerred is kdice. Many examples. He don't try to hide this, and integral dance.

Bivo do the same, but not paying integral. Ban.

2 games with new players, alone in table, PGA against them, acused to be a bivo, and game over.

Also, panzer made him a rewiews. And if they try to play again, the end.

Jurgen, and the rest - Rules doesn't exists, Panzerred is the king , and only his friends and partners can play. That's why not many new players. Every new player who does not have rewiew is Panzerred.

Now, integral ban me, like you ban bajohazard , who does not play, who post about panzer and bivo, with no harras anyone.


Do not use pornography avatars
Do not harrass people
Do not use hate language or avatars

Game-to-game favors or alliances are not allowed
Play only one account at a time

if I see clearly, 2nd rules not exists, 4th also, 5th also

PLAY ONLY ONE ACCOUNT AT A TIME - you say bajohazard is proxy, yes or no, doesn't matter, not play - only post!!! And for what he is ban?

Panzerred play with many proxy, and nothing. Look the games I post, is that PGA? CLEAR

ANd this is the list of proxy or PGA with Panzerred

Der Babo

He Have many more, cause this game is his life, every day and all day on kdice, many times not playing, only chat to protect his proxy, acuse all who is not with him, every new player is bivo. Play with someone or not.

Im gone - Maybe we see after 1 or 2 years I have a life, not like Panzerred, and Integral who don't deserve to be admin, cause he don't ban main problem in this game. Maybe, not smart, or he is payed for that. Rename the game - PANZERRED KDICE, or KING KDICE.

But at the end - BIVO IS THE GREATEST PLAYER OF KDICE. He play simoultanesly with five proxys. No one can do that - or PANZERRED is LIAR. But he is the boss, main of kdice, bigger than jurgen and integral. Bye, enjoy.

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AoA wrote
at 6:56 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
Your record of PGA with Bivo says it all.
Kurton wrote
at 6:57 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
BIVO say Hello to all, especially to Integral!

He not play anymore, maybe some of his friends in Sarajevo. And he laugh and laugh and laugh. He is greatest and everybody knows bout him, even he don't play 3 years. Hahahaha. Bye to all normal people. Nexon, Ifigienius, Sensei Mata, Kostur, etc.

He post by yourself, but he is ban for 2-3 month or forever. Private server he say. Bye
Kurton wrote
at 7:00 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
Aoa - proxy of Panzerred, Im proud for know bivo. And your post say everything, im not playin anymore, bivo too, so maybe, I say maybe you can be a first. Ban all and you first. Enjoy, now post with the rest of your proxies. Im out.
Orthros wrote
at 7:11 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
You misspelled my nickname but thanks for the effort.

Your first "evidence" is me grabbing the chance to get second position during a tourney game.

For the rest, you "may want" to revisit the notion of PGA (especially the "PRE-" concept part).

This will be my only message, feel free to post a review on my profile stating i'm god knows who's proxy/pga.

PS: if it's an act of trolling, make sure to make it more sarcastic so low IQ people like me get the joke.
Kurton wrote
at 7:15 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
One more,
Tharek - one of panzerred proxys play on 2 table at same time, need points, on one is protected with AoA, and other alone, with Alperen Kalay and uberlauf, new account. And panzerred came to both of table, to chat and protect his proxy.

In and Out, In And Out.

look the games

Nice, he us bivo tactics!
Kurton wrote
at 7:20 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
Othros - True, next?
Kurton wrote
at 7:54 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT

Another one!

Two new players, probably not play anymore, or came with friends. And ban etc etc. KING PANZER

In chat he say that always write commands, to others, to be different than bivo, and for others to hide his proxys. Hahaha, he bye cheap trick.

Panzerred is a probably child who lives here. Im surprised for others who protect him. But, so why is story of bivo still exists.

Enjoy Integral, and look the game , every panzer is like this. I forget Kamikaze mike, but he play like panzerred said, enough is to tell him, that's bivo, and he is all panzers. Hahaha, cheap Mike.
PanzerRed wrote
at 8:02 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT

You literally just posted a game that I didn't play in and I didn't even show up to comment during.
PanzerRed wrote
at 8:16 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
Let's play a game. Based on the language and typography, let's guess whether something was written by Kurton or bajohazard, 2 KDice players who are certainly not the same person:

"But at the end - BIVO IS THE GREATEST PLAYER OF KDICE. He play simoultanesly with five proxys. No one can do that - or PANZERRED is LIAR."

"MOTHER FUCKED - are this normal language in this game Look at homepage of this game! Basically rule of this game. Where is the BAN - ADMIN !!!!"

"And now all can see, he is banned everytime cause of players like this. Bad PGA players. LOOK THE GAME.
Every player who win this pga clan, called bivo. Everytime."

"ALWAYS PGA, make bivo greatest player in world Paly with many proxies Der Babo, migguelsala"

"Alias or proxy of panzerred !!! PGA always"

"Very bad player, cause of him all new player not playing anymore. Tactics, first - say that is bivo proxy, next, came with two proxy of yourself and say same."

The correct answers are: Kurton, bajohazard, Kurton, Kurton, bajohazard, bajohazard.
integral wrote
at 7:35 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
here's a screenshot of kurton's accounts on the same IP at the moment:
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