bajohazard wrote
at 8:09 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2019 EDT
MOTHER FUCKED - are this normal language in this game Look at homepage of this game! Basically rule of this game. Where is the BAN - ADMIN !!!!

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PanzerRed wrote
at 8:18 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2019 EDT
bivo, we know this is another alt account of yours. Your English is so bad that it is recognizable as bivospeak.

You (ado1) called me a "homo" at the beginning of this game. Then later, you (ado1) said something involving my "dick" and Jurgen (in Serbian). Then you predicted my death by leukemia (in Serbian).

And then (...drum roll...), you (ado1) coined the new phrases "mother fucked," as well as "may dick big head." When Delicate13 typed those words, he was quoting YOU.
bajohazard wrote
at 8:27 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2019 EDT
So panzer, this is your account, nice language.
I wait to see who defend delicate13. How many alt you have, play on proxy, or two. Sorry, i read that noob kill your P.G.A. Team. If you play this game enough long you maybe learn something.
bajohazard wrote
at 8:27 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2019 EDT
Also, dont know who is Ado, maybe your friend, not mine.
PanzerRed wrote
at 8:29 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2019 EDT
Aren't you going to deny that you're ado1?

"So panzer, this is your account, nice language."

bivo, look at what you titled this forum post. If using bad language during a game is ban-worthy, wouldn't using bad language AS THE TITLE OF A FORUM THREAD also be ban-worthy?
PanzerRed wrote
at 8:45 PM, Wednesday July 24, 2019 EDT
Here's a game where you (under the bajohazard account) apopros of nothing say, "f.c. RAD":

Now I had to google it and whatdoyouknow, it's a Serbian football club.

So not only would only a Serbian have ever heard of this football club, you typed "f.c." when it's actually "FK Rad" in English. What you did was simply translate from the Serbian "клÑ?б" to the English "club" and therefore type "f.c."

And it's interesting that you (bajohazard), ado1, and Kurton all speak Serbian, a language spoken by only 8 million people. At the very least, you're buddies. Or, more likely, you're all the same person.
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