Triple PGA and loose (look the chat and game)
Kurton wrote
at 6:59 PM, Tuesday July 23, 2019 EDT

So, bad players play pga and loose.
Look the game and chat especially, they make a deal and loose the game. Everyone now can see, in chat. Play or not, Bivo still make them scared to sh..t.
And now all can see, he is banned everytime cause of players like this. Bad PGA players. LOOK THE GAME.
Every player who win this pga clan, called bivo. Everytime.

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PanzerRed wrote
at 7:11 PM, Tuesday July 23, 2019 EDT
Kurton, you've been banned by Jurgen twice, TWICE, for P.G.A. and not just P.G.A., but P.G.A. specifically with bivo.

So let me ask you this: if ado1 is not bivo, why do you always happen to play at the same time as him?

In the July 23 Daily Reprise, you got 1st and ado1 2nd.
July 22 Daily Reprise: you 3rd, ado1 2nd.
July 18 Daily Reprise: you 1st, ado1 4th.
July 17 Daily Reprise: you 2nd, ado1 8th.
July 16 Daily Reprise: you 4th, ado 1 9th.
July 15 Daily Reprise: you 8th, ado1 7th.

And of your games today, only 1 did not involve ado1.

and if ado1 is not bivo, why are you defending him here?
PanzerRed wrote
at 7:24 PM, Tuesday July 23, 2019 EDT
Here's a game with ado1 (bivo) proxying with kuro od bivola (bivo):

And it's interesting that ado1, like bivo, speaks Serbian and...what do you speak Serbian too. You commented toward the end of the game.
Kurton wrote
at 7:43 PM, Tuesday July 23, 2019 EDT
Player with 17 level kill 3 PGAAAAA, and you dont know what to tell, only bivo in mind. Poor. I dont care if have a ban, but if i play pga, please everyone look the all my games and see. And if i have PGA for not attacking any player. All of you and every player is PGA. So ban all. My games is clear and anyone can see. Bivo dont play 3 years. He work hard for his family in Sarajevo to make them food on table. He sold his computer for that. Shame on you Panzer . Play Kdice, thats all you have in life.
Kurton wrote
at 7:51 PM, Tuesday July 23, 2019 EDT
I play many games today, see all, your post is lie, many people play with me, not only ado, so i pga with all who win you. Ok. So, im much better player than you, every time i play against you, i win. WIth ado or anyone else. And please, post all your games with april and miguelsala, many many many games together. But im not sick to count your looses, and PGAs. Learn to play fair. Not pga. Respect flags, no truce from start. If you can !!!! And in the dark night, sillence everywhere, bivo may come to you and kiss you, so you can sleep well !
PanzerRed wrote
at 8:10 PM, Tuesday July 23, 2019 EDT
Oh wait. I made a mistake. Jurgen didn't ban you for P.G.A. with bivo. Integral did. Here are his exact comments:

silent trucing most of your games with bivo is pga, take 2 weeks off
10:59 PM, Monday May 2, 2016 EDT

pga with bivo
1:20 AM, Friday April 29, 2016 EDT
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