Help! Can't click on the table!
Sir Raged wrote
at 5:21 PM, Thursday May 23, 2019 EDT
Hey guys!

So I came back after 2 or so years to try and play a game and when the game started, I couldn't click on my territory. I refreshed the page multiple times but it didn't work. I'm using chrome. Any help?

Also, my display picture isn't showing ever since I requested that I be given -play. Can any mod look into this please?

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Sir Raged wrote
at 5:33 PM, Thursday May 23, 2019 EDT
So turns out, I can click but for some reason, I have to click above the territories and that's not working so well lol
Liathan wrote
at 2:07 AM, Wednesday July 31, 2019 EDT
U have to scroll all the way up
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 5:37 AM, Wednesday July 31, 2019 EDT
It's a bug with chrome. With other browsers it works fine, or you have to scroll the page completely to the top to make it work, as liathan already said.
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