kDice in geologic time
skrumgaer wrote
at 5:41 PM, Saturday January 10, 2009 EST
There has been no comprehensive chronicle of kDice. The following is a separation of kDice history into major divisions. Feel free to identify particular indicator species you think might be characteristic of particular periods.


Since the time of the formation of the Earth, there have been five great Eras: the Aludic (No Game), Proteroludic (Before Game), Paleoludic (Old Game), Mesoludic (Middle Game), and Ceno- (or Kaino-) ludic (New Game).

In the Aludic Era there existed no kDice-like game. It is estimated that this Era lasted approximately 4.5 to 4.75 billion years. Some primitive game forms evolved towards the end of this Era, including the the shahmatids, the riskyotes and the avalonhillyotes.

The Proteroludic is marked by the evolution of a kDice-like game, Karoitogenea purpura. The Period that spanned this Era is known as the Itonian.

Then, upon the evolution of multi-celled games, we entered the first Era of true kDice, the Paleoludic. The Elo scoring method was the chief characteristic of this Era. The earliest Period in the Paleoludic was the Pre-Elovian, followed by the Elovian, which in turn was followed by the Cabalistic.

At the end of the Cabalistic Period came a major change. The Elo scoring system was replaced with what could be called the Sinthian system. Preceding this abrupt change at the Cabalistic-Sinthian (C-S) Boundary was a brief outburst of vitality that has not been equaled since: the Septentrionian Explosion. After the Explosion the Mesoludic Era began, but the purity of form in the Sinthian Period did not last. The Post-Sinthian period comprises various modifications of the Sinthian system.

Our current Era, the Cenoludic, began with the evolution of tournament play. The Cenoludic has one Period, the Hastiludian, which in turn is partitioned into two Epochs: the Pleistolune (all months preceding the current one), and the Recent (or Hololune), the current month.


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moondust wrote
at 6:39 PM, Saturday January 10, 2009 EST
Don't forget:

Cleopatra wrote
at 10:10 AM, Monday January 12, 2009 EST
Players from the Paleoludic Era should consider themselves extinct fossils...
Danny_DCB wrote
at 10:49 AM, Monday January 12, 2009 EST
They'll teach this in schools one day...
Kehoe wrote
at 12:57 PM, Monday January 12, 2009 EST
There should only be two times.

BK - Before Kehoe

AK - After Kehoe
wishbone wrote
at 7:56 AM, Tuesday January 13, 2009 EST
you couldn't even win dogfight how do you expect to have a time period named after you?
Leek Step wrote
at 10:46 AM, Tuesday January 13, 2009 EST
The kWorld was born with endless opportunities. Pre-March 2007 there was a time when thousands of visitors came to play a fun independent game. The were the days when Digdug and several of my alts won over 20% firsts and had an amazing TAPL.

Then there developed long-term relationships, where the actions of the game board and chat box were only a factor in the outcome of the game.

Most people blamed the Germans and foreign speakers who were able to negotiate secret truces in the chat box right under the eyes of competitors who couldn't interpret their communications.

In a way similar to other competitive sports where performance enhancing drugs weren't investigated or outlawed, kDice permitted PGAs. And therefore PGAs became the best tool to maintain a competitive edge.

There were some pioneers who used IMs for secret communications, used proxy servers to sit twice at the same table, had formal teams, etc. Some of the people gained notoriety for their actions. The most prevalent form of collusion was probably just the basic friendship.

Collusion with friends was probably an unavoidable development with a limitation in site traffic and the decision to segregate a limited number of high points players.

When you sit with the same people game after game it is really easy to employ cooperative gameplay. Even beyond overt collusion and team-play, it was probably inevitable that you trust a certain number of people won't frequently take a huge risk that could result in early destruction for one or the both of you.

Personally I liked kDice pre-March 2007 when it was cut-throat competition between 7 independent players. It is probably for selfish reasons, because I liked using the chatbox and gameboard to win over 20% of the game I played.

I recognize that it is fun to make friends and play games where you can trust that certain people arent going to make very risky attempts to destroy you. I had to work a lot harder to finish top 5 in this system.

Summary of the two periods of kdice:

PRE-MARCH 2007, lots of new traffic, new faces at high tables, pure competition, games determined by chat box and gameboard.

POST-MARCH 2007, drastic reduction in unique visitors, less competition, games determined by friendships.
panzer wrote
at 12:56 PM, Tuesday January 13, 2009 EST
December 2012 - KDICE is no more accourding to the Mayan calander
ma1achai wrote
at 1:50 PM, Wednesday January 14, 2009 EST
then let's all play like it's 2011...
fcuku wrote
at 3:11 PM, Wednesday January 14, 2009 EST
two thousand zero one two, party over, oops out of time
Leek Step wrote
at 6:02 PM, Wednesday January 14, 2009 EST
I guess I shoulda known by the way you parked your car sideWAYS that it wouldnt last.
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