The new Chat, Forum, and PGA Policy
Posted By: jurgen at 12:31 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2014 EDT
Here are our thoughts on policy:

PGA: This is a big grey area, but let's put it this way, trucing someone over and over just because you're friends or have the same flag, making up silly reasons to give someone a higher spot over someone else, or just outright not attacking someone even though it's pretty clear it's your best move is PGA. And PGA WILL be banned.

OTF/Hardcore OTF: The grey line is shrinking between these two and PGA. We will not turn this into a litigious battle, but will say Hardcore OTF is PGA and shall be banned. This is on a case-to-case basis and is under mod discretion. Mods are generally in close contact and are willing to talk about general guidelines on how not to OTF.

Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Etc: Let's keep this stuff out of the chat/forum... that means words like "cunt", "fag" (and any of their derivatives) and all racial slurs will be monitored and receive warnings/bans based on severity of the offence and history of the player saying these things. In practise, maybe not every use of any of these words will get an automatic ban but in theory you do risk getting a warning or an instant ban if you choose to use them. Always keep in mind that you shouldn't be using them in the first place so please do not take the risk and you will be perfectly fine.

Death Threats: This is just a game, wishing someone death in real life just seems excessive.

Excessive Swearing/Spamming: Swear all you want, but keep it within reason. This is a passionate game and people get angry, that's fine but let's not spam the chat box... figure out another way to vent your frustration. Remember that there are younger players here.

Harassment: Going around following a person to no end, bullying them whenever you get the chance is unacceptable. This is pretty vague, but we think people generally know when they're overdoing it when it comes to bullying. Also please stay away from dragging family members into discussions on KDice.

Muting a Player: There is a mute function: /mute (username). This is case sensitive and will need to be redone if you refresh the page or go to another table to keep said player muted.

Alts: Bans on mains extend to bans on alts, what's the point of a ban if you're just going to log in to an alt and continue playing. Doing this may result in a longer ban.

Bad behavior on secret alts: In general the mods will respect your secret identity if you want to play on a secret alt. However, if you misbehave on a secret alt (trolling, harassment, racism, cheating, etc.), your secret alts will be outed.

Sharing accounts: Sharing accounts is not allowed. The general policy is to permaban a shared account with the risk of your main being banned too.

Username Creation: If any username goes overboard with the amount of swearing/hate speech/death threats/harassment in them, they'll be banned.

Avatars: Pornography/hate in avatars will result in reset of the avatar and removal of avatar privileges, also repeat offences could be treated as above.

We're adults and most of what we covered here really shouldn't have to be explained to begin with. Of course, there is leeway and moderator discretion in all the above rules (jokes between friends, within reason, etc...). We also know that this is a ton of guidelines but trust us that the aim is not to kill the fun in KDice. To the contrary, everything is pretty common sense and should be easy to follow. The main goal is to keep KDice competitive and fun for everyone.

Constructive comments are welcome though regarding this policy. This list is not a black and white rulebook since we all know that it's impossible to cover every situation. Again, this should all be common sense and if in doubt about something, better be safe than sorry and consult a mod first.

Feel free to contact any of the following moderators:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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integral wrote
at 8:30 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
also note about avatars, if you don't like a particular avatar you can always click on it to make it go away.
flagsrweak wrote
at 11:39 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
Thanks for clarifying the recent policy changes. (?)

Unfortunately, this post seems to be written in hardcore kdice jingo that only seasoned players can understand. Just what is the real difference between PGA and 'OTFing'? It's never clearly explained anywhere... (At least not in the rules/help/faq tabs, and even in the advisor blog posts, they are sometimes used as near synonyms or equated with each other.) Is it Off Table Friend or Old Trusted Friend in this case, and is it anything more than preferring to hit some people over others? Is it a problem if you are more willing truce some people (that you find trustable) over complete strangers/known stabbers? How frequently can you legitimately truce your friends - 10, 20, 30% of all games you play together? (Also, how that phrase can even be used as a verb is beyond my grasp...)
flagsrweak wrote
at 11:41 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
*more willing to truce
flagsrweak wrote
at 11:49 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
Oh and i meant lingo, not jingo.

Also, about following your adversaries - is it not legitimate to constantly try and sit with people just to kill them off without verbally harassing/insulting tgem?
BigDaddyKane wrote
at 1:41 PM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
We tried to keep this as lean as possible while still conveying our thoughts/standards/rules. We narrowed the grey area between being friendly and cheating. We also kept the area between OTF (Old Trusted Friends), Hardcore OTF, and PGA (Pre-Game Alliance) intentionally ambiguous. As for existing policy, this is not much of a change, more of a refresher and a reminder that we are actively enforcing said rules. PGE (Pre-Game Enemy) is completely okay so long as you are not harassing them. I mean, talking shit back and forth is fine, just don't make others around you suffer (e.g. calling someone derogatory names). And we deeply apologize for verbifying OTF. (I thought I would leave on a funny note)
jurgen wrote
at 4:12 PM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
The title saying "new" is probably a bit too much since there's not much that will change.

But me and Int and BDK felt we needed to post a list of changes combined with a reminder of the obvious other policies.

I'm sorry that the definition of pga/excessive otf is hard to give. We just didn't want this text to grow too big (even though it already did). We could write a document as long as this one and still not cover all possible examples of pga. Maybe we'll have another go at that in the future but I think that it's easy to draw the line yourself if you do some honest self evaluation now and then.

biggest policy change imo:

* Bans on mains extend on other accounts too. If your offense on an alt is severe, it can have consequences for your main too. It's kinda obvious but at the start, I guess we will have to make sure people get that message

Other things stay pretty much the same, except now there are more mods to watch out for problems + BigDaddyKane will probably be a bit more strict concerning otf/pga and Integral will be a bit more strict about harassment and hate speech.

Everybody can still relax though. The text is long but actually there's nothing unlogic or unfair in there: you can still swear if you're upset, you can still wreck the person who ruined you last game, you can still stab, you can still truce your buddy if it makes sense to do so, etc. The key thing is to keep everything within reason
Slinus wrote
at 4:30 PM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 EDT
Good luck.
dreamcatcher wrote
at 12:50 PM, Friday September 12, 2014 EDT
Hi jurgen,

thank you for publishing the new rules-list. Especially the point about racism, sexism etc....

Still I have one question: what about all the insults calling me or anyone else "nazi" or "eva braun" or worse because of the way some players are playing or just because they are german? Just because we are germans doesn't mean we are all nazis - I agree it's our history we germans have to deal with. But like everyone else on earth we didn't choose our nationality and I really think political history shouldn't be used as an insult. And even IF any player here has to do with nazi-stuff in rl it's a private thing and his own decision to do so in rl - it has nothing to do with Kdice or spending time here. I clearly distance myself from that nazi-stuff... and yes, I feel more insulted when I get called "nazi-cunt" or similiar than just being a "cunt" - coz then it's not just insulting me as a player, it's insulting my nationality - no matter if I feel proud of it or not.

You probably may say now "change your flag to avoid these kind of insult" - no, sorry, I won't. Coz I don't think this would be a solution.

I know I'm not the only german who feels pretty offended by these insults like I also know americans or other nationalities agreeing with me that it's not understandable why the "N-word" towards black people is bannable, but using "nazi-words" isn't.

Dont get me wrong please: I clearly vote for banning the use of the N-word - but I also vote for banning the use of nazi-words.

So my ask to you is to add the use of verbal nazi-stuff explicitely to your "bannable rules-list".

Thank you for thinking about it

P.S. @ jurgen: It's a secret alt without nationality-flag for a good reason and played very rarely anway so far as you can see - thank you for respecting and keeping the secret

jurgen wrote
at 5:26 AM, Sunday September 14, 2014 EDT
hey Dreamcatcher,

Thanks for your input and you bring up a good point.

I have always banned nazi symbols and racist/extreme-right chat but I also would not allow bullying of Germans just because they are German (and called nazi for example).

To be honest I don't think I have seen very bad cases too often. I did see the occasional "dirty nazi" but it usually stopped with one comment so I don't think I ever had to ban.

That doesn't mean it will never happen. If you feel attacked too severely, please take screencaps of the incident and send them to me (I will try and update my "how to report evidence" blog post soon). It will not mean an automatic ban because I hope you can be somewhat tolerant if someone uses the term once. Sometimes people are just angry and don't think well about what they are saying. Some people are just kids and don't realise this is a serious word. Just try and ignore it. The better man always tries to ignore a moron first.

If it doesn't stop after one attack, and if you really feel offended after a while, you do have a case and please report it to us.
integral wrote
at 10:20 AM, Friday September 19, 2014 EDT
this includes the word 'cunt'

some people don't seem to get that.
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