kdice wants your ideas!
Posted By: Pursey at 1:14 AM, Sunday June 18, 2017 EDT
Your ideas are requested by the kdice team:

We're also running some special events in July and want your feedback:


Remember, you can contact myself at [email protected] if you require assistance from a Rules Advisor for a gameplay or player issue.

The other Advisors may also be available using [email protected] for integral, or [email protected] for Jurgen.

I also accept ideas and suggestions at my email address.

Thank you to all in advance!
Pursey, kdice rules advisor

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Gurgi wrote
at 6:30 PM, Saturday June 24, 2017 EDT
hery co wrote
at 5:19 AM, Tuesday August 1, 2017 EDT
androıd sürümü çıkartın
greeen wrote
at 9:47 PM, Sunday October 1, 2017 EDT
TheBetterYodel wrote
at 1:15 AM, Friday August 24, 2018 EDT
Here's an idea. Sell me the fucking site. I'll give you 5k Ryan. That's literally worth a year or two of electric bills. More than this site is worth tbh.
sw1ft25 wrote
at 10:47 AM, Saturday March 23, 2019 EDT
Please do what you did with lower tables to 500 2k and 5k as in - let people play 1v1 at 2k or 5k. You killed higher tables with this option - people are playing on lower tables because 2k, 5k won't start. Also while you're at it put some thresholds for lower tables. EG you can't play at 100 if you have 10k.
PanzerRed wrote
at 9:41 PM, Wednesday April 24, 2019 EDT
Some kind of team play would be great.

Maybe 3 players are randomly assigned to one team and 3 to another. Or the same but with 3 teams of 2 players.

Or you could choose your own teams before the game starts.

And the points at the end would be equally divided among the winners. No dom, no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, and maybe even no points for kills.
dumbo25 wrote
at 1:13 PM, Saturday August 31, 2019 EDT
Here are my suggestions:
1 - Kdice rolls are obviously not random. If a player moves aggressively on the first round or attacks a player that has already moved, then likelihood of winning roll shows it is not pseudo-random. It might be nice to have a psuedo-random option
2 - with fewer players, the wait time to start a game should be decreased from 45s to 30s
3 - Create auto ban bot.
3a - if two or more players at one table are using a proxy, then ban them automatically
3b - If two swear words are used in any chat, then they are warned, if repeated in same day then they are banned for 2 days.
3c - pga would be much harder to identify, but might be worthwhile AI project
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