Members Afternoon

500◆ Buy-In

Tournament Information

Max Score:1,000,000◆
Max Players:21
Max Table Size:7
Payout:Top 6

Last Completed Tournament

Started: Jan 24, 2:00 PM EST
Finished: 12:00 AM EST
1st Miss_Stress +3,150
2nd Pat Whalen +1,750
3rd AmericanHist0ryX +1,260
4th DonnieScribbles +840
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Wednesday, January 25 @ 2 PM EST  
Thursday, January 26 @ 2 PM EST  
Friday, January 27 @ 2 PM EST  
Saturday, January 28 @ 2 PM EST  
Sunday, January 29 @ 2 PM EST  
Monday, January 30 @ 2 PM EST  


procutter: my IQ is 84 is that good?
1:09 PM, Wednesday September 3, 2014 EDT
Atch31 wrote:
so it's UTC -6
1:26 PM, Thursday January 26, 2012 EST
Atch31 wrote:
time ?
1:24 PM, Thursday January 26, 2012 EST
Gurgi wrote:
I have returned
1:57 PM, Monday June 20, 2011 EDT
bloodyeast wrote:
ý wanna join this game so what should ý do ?
1:46 PM, Saturday February 20, 2010 EST
bloodyeast wrote:
ý wanna join thid gsme what should ý do ?
1:46 PM, Saturday February 20, 2010 EST
Skyler wrote:
That's second time in a row i take 1st :D
3:22 PM, Sunday August 23, 2009 EDT
scubastog wrote:
How do I sit in?
2:00 PM, Friday July 3, 2009 EDT
wiggin1 wrote:
I don't see any join button. And I am a member. How come?
1:50 PM, Saturday February 21, 2009 EST
war dog847 wrote:
ok wanderingbuddha, i was going to become a member. but my dad does not want to pay off of paypal because he said it was insecure, so yea =/i was intrested in funding the account. but my parents wont let me
9:33 AM, Sunday February 15, 2009 EST
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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