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I don't know him either.
r0n on Tuesday February 23, 2010
Very honorable and generous player. Panplen was in a truce and gave up his 3rd position to player outside of truce he thought deserved it more.
Barzillai on Friday April 3, 2009
Perplexing play. Boggled (not irritated) at the crazily suboptimal choices at times.
Xanth on Thursday February 12, 2009
Lol, Joe... "Blocks me in"... Good joke! Btw.: Did you ever read your comments? They're quite impressive!
panplen on Thursday October 2, 2008
Man what a Sulker... Flags ... blocks me in and then thinks no-one will attack him! Hey, try to play to win for a change....
Jon234567890 on Thursday October 2, 2008
Not a player to get into silky sulks. Always up for a prank - on the nose, ha! A stickler for the Marquess of Queensberry rules. You can trust this man with your life - he'll take it! Pistols at dawn, what! Has the Pranksome Seal of Approval.
Pranksome Quaine on Friday September 26, 2008
nice too see there are more guys who are playing for fun ! next time maybe u´ll win AND have fun ;-)
Mr.Snuff on Thursday September 25, 2008
good player
fizzou on Thursday September 18, 2008
Linus on Thursday September 18, 2008
not telling a lie. you ignored flag!
191078819 on Tuesday September 16, 2008
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