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+avatar +changeAvatar integral 5:44 PM, Wednesday November 9, 2016 EST
restored, gl hf +chat +play +post jurgen 4:40 PM, Tuesday November 1, 2016 EDT
told you you would get banned if the scripts were being used again -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register jurgen 2:43 PM, Sunday March 22, 2015 EDT

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???? on Thursday August 10, 2017
best player
greeen on Monday June 5, 2017
Bad player, dishonest
13r on Tuesday January 3, 2017
"fuck your mother in the middle of Majkin pussy pussy is my target, where you see the account deletion jackass. am such a player like you can not like you have no respect for you and a PGA player, Jurgen told that you're a horse player might help you to Jurgen and a little saddle! bivo on Friday October 25, 2013"
W00PW00PW00P on Monday January 2, 2017
I still laugh at bivo's review of me haha. Cheers.
TheBetterYodel on Monday December 5, 2016
JUSTcallmePRE on Saturday March 14, 2015
very unfriendly person, kicked me out of tourney when i flagged and he was first, does not respect anyone or anything ... poor boy
Grux on Monday March 9, 2015
I'm mindfucked right now how 1 person can be such a huge asshole....Incredible...
james bond007 on Monday March 9, 2015
It means vagina lol
Troy11 on Friday February 27, 2015
I just saw your post about skrumvagr. What does vagr mean? Does it mean wanderer or voyager? Gaer means vulture.
skrumgaer on Thursday February 26, 2015
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