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Easy A: your such a pussy behind the key board...ill bet u got shoved in lockers when your where in school
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Recognized on 10:52 AM, Tuesday September 2, 2014 EDT by Rowdyazell
stellar play during the first week of june 2007 while he was at the beach....good play ali
Recognized on 3:59 PM, Monday April 13, 2009 EDT by MOCOM
Good player!

This player has been modded by the community

I spoke to him and explained to him that he's under a 0 tolerance. 1 screw up and he'll be muted again from forums. He was Banned from forums about 5 months ago. I'm going to lift it and keep a short leash on him if he screws up I'll put it back on him. He's is a member and had 6 stars so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he'll be good. +post These cards suck 3:42 PM, Monday April 13, 2009 EDT
annoying forum posts -post Ryan 8:12 PM, Sunday November 9, 2008 EST
Play ability restored +play fiero600 10:02 PM, Thursday July 31, 2008 EDT
PGA's or any intent to help another player prior to a game is entirely unacceptable. Group efforts to boost the points of one player is not tolerated. This is a serious offense. Therefore, as a result, you are banned for 14 days. -play fiero600 11:52 PM, Wednesday July 30, 2008 EDT

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Hey bud, just letting you know p.c. is doing a little better but keep her in your prayer thank you
toxic_avenger23 on Tuesday September 1, 2015
Takes no flags! only from ppl who are "threats" - he had all flags in tourney but did not take mine, did NOT let me fight just took me out. Do not trust him.
Grux on Monday March 2, 2015
PGA Tournaments. Lies and Cheats.
Varelsa on Wednesday January 7, 2015
clasic turkis idiot pga"! dont pga men!
bivo on Tuesday December 9, 2014
don't trust his word!
foty on Monday December 8, 2014
total utter asshole
Beni on Monday September 9, 2013
asshole, shitty player
Janos013 on Thursday July 25, 2013
Really helpful at explaining the rules. Thanks!
littletime2play on Wednesday July 24, 2013
Stabbed me in the final of a tourney. Man - I even didn't truce against u when I was offered it - well - I won't trust u again and be happy to harm u where I can. see u around pge.
am I on Wednesday July 24, 2013
Kind of an obnoxious twit....
farq on Monday August 27, 2012
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