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Good and fair player GG
Illemann on Tuesday January 15, 2013
really bad player
Lovro on Thursday January 10, 2013
OviloN on Thursday January 10, 2013
Good and fair player.
ShogoKawada[BR] on Thursday January 10, 2013
good player
AndyLT on Thursday January 3, 2013
good player, but the biggest kid i never see in my life, lies, keep lies, and chats like a 7 yeras old, amazing!
so what on Friday December 28, 2012
asshole, has no respect
legrendel on Monday December 24, 2012
optional or not if someone gives you a flag that actually helps you don't take a gamble just to fight him. i really don't understand why you did it. taking my flag means a secure first. attacking me means any place between 1 and 5. so why taking this gamble? i did nothing to offend you. so guys think twice before flagging him
gentleguy on Monday December 17, 2012
nice guy
Erahsmuhs on Wednesday December 12, 2012
liar, cheater, don't trust
Dude111 on Sunday December 9, 2012
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