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stacy: I mean, with nuf, I'm always wet..
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fishnetangel wrote
at 9:27 PM, Thursday October 15, 2009 EDT
vermy is a mod. your wish came true! <3 hope you are well nuffy
kam|k2 wrote
at 5:11 AM, Sunday July 12, 2009 EDT
I bet he's still playing with an alt, watching us lil kdice-addicts bitching at each other (:
Pinky Poo wrote
at 4:33 PM, Saturday April 4, 2009 EDT
GG Nuf. I'll miss you!

It was good playing with you for all of this time.
frosty34 wrote
at 12:13 AM, Saturday February 28, 2009 EST
gg nuf... i did read it, incidentally. thanks for taking the time to post something on my wall a couple weeks ago. take care
Ph- wrote
at 8:07 PM, Friday February 27, 2009 EST
I just checked my mail only to find out you wrote on my profile more then a week ago. :o

I'll see you on Kong or wherever... the Internet is huge. :)
sypgo wrote
at 12:23 PM, Sunday February 22, 2009 EST
Oh, nuffy, you were always one of my favorite players. It's sad to see you leave, but deciding for the other side of the computer screen is probably not such a bad thing. Take care, say hi to maria, and it wouldn't be such a bad thing to meet again somewhere, somehow, at some point!
fish28 wrote
at 3:54 AM, Saturday February 21, 2009 EST
"hey nuflis, i read your lines with teardrop rolling outa my fish-eye. but after that i remeber the good times we had here and i wish u all the best for the future!! maybe we meet again in the waves of the big blue sea! SCU! good bye, my friend!
. *bloob*
habit1 wrote
at 7:53 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
hey nuf - you have always been one of the classiest people in this game. I wish you all the best.
Cleopatra wrote
at 12:29 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
hi nuflis;
yes, I am fine - enjoying life :-)
kdice is a funny game, but there are other things in life as well... so - I dare to say - it's good for you to leave and invest 2000 hours in something new :-)
Take care nuflis, I have always enjoyed playing with you -
- Cleo
Vermont wrote
at 7:44 AM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
Hey man. You'll be missed.
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