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i remembered him as an honourable player, but then broke a flag. not cool.
grillem on Tuesday October 4, 2011
very honorable player and good sport. stood up against 3 players bullshitting
Peter Griffin on Saturday October 9, 2010
Good honorable player in tournament. Congratulations on your win.
tiraid on Friday August 13, 2010
attacks when I flagged without any purpose, idiot
psykopat on Thursday August 5, 2010
complete ass...refuses to show respect after he has been shown respect...reviews can be seen as bs...but really...this guy doesnt have a single good one...lol...everyone has atleast 1 good review...
offbrand on Monday June 28, 2010
I flagged to him. He attacked me 2 more times, then accepted. Had plenty of time to accept and his place was secure. Only explanation: He's a total ass.
willod on Wednesday June 23, 2010
FracturedOctopus + Michaeldeigratia = PGA
Fonias on Monday May 17, 2010
has no clue what flagging is. kill this fag
hutch24 on Thursday February 11, 2010
Doesn't know what flagging means. Piece of shit.
Duraj on Tuesday December 22, 2009
PGA with metalqueen.
foo foo on Friday December 18, 2009
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