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tigh ass to new plaers n disrespects every one n gets owned bye kids half his age
joseph is good on Monday September 21, 2009
cool guy
MarissandRyan on Friday September 4, 2009
Like, as in... I need a bath?
Dean The Machine on Sunday July 26, 2009
Dirty son of a bitch!
unai on Sunday July 12, 2009
giant asshole. possibly racist.
Anal Chlamydia on Sunday July 12, 2009
canadian asshole.
beepa on Saturday July 11, 2009
Doesn't get reviews. Dean.
fuzzniznaz on Wednesday July 1, 2009
trucing 1st + 2nd. Realy fucks up a game
FabianNL on Sunday June 21, 2009
Because it makes me so happy!
_Jeeves_ on Tuesday May 5, 2009
thanx fuckface .that was lame and u know it. then u come in to get the kill, woohoo.my flag was good and u let another asshole disrespect me with no help. dont ask me shit ,ever.oh and btw rush and triumph suck big black dicks.
gen. sherman on Saturday April 4, 2009
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