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PGA !!!!!
O_SO_SMOOTH14 on Tuesday May 30, 2017
clever player, thnx
avesano on Friday December 25, 2015
thx avesano
chronogame on Friday December 25, 2015
57 level and does not know the rules of flags?! sorry, i cannot trust him
Terkal on Saturday September 12, 2015
I like his style.
DonnieScribbles on Friday August 21, 2015
Haha I can live with that one, good games mate no hard feelings :)
farq on Friday July 24, 2015
backstabbed me when i was in first place, way to copy paste my review here on my reviews
Omarinho on Saturday July 4, 2015
Very unpleasant. Will go out of his way to ruin your game for no personal gain. Kill on sight.
generalissimus S on Wednesday June 24, 2015
real cunt
Mikkis on Monday June 22, 2015
fuck you mother prostitute moron dont respect flag idiot atack 2v1 dont respect play game moron.stupid player!
bivo on Saturday June 13, 2015
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