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didn't work +chat kellykellymoore 6:25 AM, Sunday February 21, 2010 EST
name was spamming a pokr table, maybe an avatar change, but it went on non stop for over 15 min. Will undo mute in a few min. Player did nothing wrong, just stopping the spam. -chat kellykellymoore 6:24 AM, Sunday February 21, 2010 EST

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i miss you!
greekboi on Thursday August 1, 2013
PGA majordomo
Jack Barrows on Tuesday February 5, 2013
Marius_1987 on Saturday September 22, 2012
piece of shit/empty head
Easy A on Friday September 21, 2012
pga and asshole
-R30- on Tuesday September 11, 2012
One of the rare nice and honorable players.
TooGross on Saturday September 8, 2012
im so happy one of my favourite kdice players of all time was still here when i returned after 2 years offline.. she is just a wonderfull player, both verbally and tactical gamer.
Jazcan on Wednesday December 28, 2011
fair player, wont stab u : update: if u do anything to annoy her in round 1 she will spazz out the entire game to spite u like she's 4 years old and u stole her favorite toy.
Keeley on Wednesday December 28, 2011
I hear she is even better looking than her avatar
Mars Rover on Monday December 19, 2011
does not take weak flags, smart player.
James Howlett on Friday December 16, 2011
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