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PanzerRed on Thursday July 16, 2020
she got some thicc ass and thicc mhm... ×?ר×?×?×?×?×? hell yezz boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like m dick hes thicc af girl ye my dick is thic c af! yo girl wanna see my gussy thicc black cock? girl: sure me: or watch this shit girl: oh shitttt, let me suck it and put it in my thicc ass? me: oh hell ye sister lets do this girl sound: boom boom boom very fast sound: ahhhhhh yeee omggg faster brother faster ahhhh yeeeee me: omg ur ass is tite... better then the ather girls oh fuck yes girl sound: ahhhhhhhhhhh me: oh yee keep twerking fuck yes girl: omg ur dick is thicc af "after 1 hour and 30 min" girl: omg it was my best sex in my life me: ye my too cuz ur vagaina was taite and good and ur ass was thicc af and avrig tits like i like (; girl: ye it was my best sex cuz u know how to do it good and u have a big gussy thicc black cock me: lets do it again next week? girl: ye sure THE END my story
gtzlat on Monday July 13, 2020
note to self: do not trust
Donnie_Darko on Wednesday July 8, 2020
pga with gtzlat
Poppei on Friday May 1, 2020
4 trophy 4 first place biggest cheater ever in this game helped by ifigenius most retarded player
dicebomb on Monday February 25, 2019
@l33tZ why i'm included lol
a0098pro on Tuesday January 22, 2019
testtesttest4711 gtzlat o0o0o0o0o0o a0098pro pro otaman loco123 nihonjinnaraba are some alts of this cheater dunno how much account hes gonna play this nood low life at all
l33tZ on Saturday January 19, 2019
He can call you "inferior being" just because you have less points of him...says so much about the kind of person this guy can be...
avesano on Wednesday November 7, 2018
never sits alone, even cheating in tourneys
SHO-GUN on Thursday November 1, 2018
STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
State of Heroes on Friday November 25, 2016
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