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This player has been modded by the community

restored chat +chat integral 7:43 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
No more chat -chat integral 11:07 PM, Thursday November 30, 2017 EST
+play :: you're playing on an alt anyhow +play Pursey 6:07 AM, Saturday August 1, 2015 EDT
"Please ban my account until further notice. Need to study for finals. Thank you, if you please wouldn't mind. 48430934809 on Wednesday June 24, 2015" At user's request. -play Pursey 1:41 AM, Sunday June 28, 2015 EDT
Reverting the -chat, specified ban period by jurgen has expired/elapsed. Player is aware future strikes will result in lengthy moderation. +chat Pursey 12:27 AM, Monday June 22, 2015 EDT
It's a bit late to act maybe but I received a report about you acting very badly in chat (including offensive words and death threats). We're generally pretty lenient towards a bit of swearing and stuff but this is not the first time you went overboard. Please try and control your chat rage in the future, I'm sure you can enjoy KDice without it (other players certainly will). 3 day chat ban. Next offense will mean it's your 3rd strike and then you're looking at at least a month so please take this warning seriously. -chat jurgen 2:44 AM, Tuesday June 16, 2015 EDT
restored +chat integral 3:14 PM, Thursday September 4, 2014 EDT
watch it with making death threats please -chat integral 5:31 AM, Thursday September 4, 2014 EDT

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Was making weird remarks about wanting to tickle balls. Just a strange overall dude. Don't trust him.
EddyB on Sunday September 2, 2018
Just an idiot
k?lllll on Thursday August 23, 2018
Really disappointing to see people like this in the community.
HankScorpio on Friday December 1, 2017
wow an accusation of rape is a thoroughly disgusting especially considering that I said nothing of the sort!!! this is a horrendous thing to say and you should be banned forever and you need to take a long hard look at yourself.
No Cycling on Thursday November 30, 2017
insult, does not respect the game, transphobic
Amoliane on Wednesday October 25, 2017
I do what's right, no matter if it looks bad.
48430934809 on Tuesday October 24, 2017
What's that got to do with beeing an asshole http://kdice.com/games/79855738
Ehrnrooth on Tuesday October 24, 2017
tyla, he is a stabber
tyla on Tuesday October 24, 2017
Says he talks to ryan and tells him every player here is a bunch of f____ but when really he is the one who doesn't play fairly. Last game, we all flagged a colour and respects his flag, then while he tries to kill everyone else, he even kills the guy who we all flagged. Why cry to ryan when you're the fucking idiot (his referral for f stands for faggots but I think that word is offensive) so don't call any of us that, so homophobic. Bad player.
greeen on Friday October 20, 2017
This person is really out of his mind. He accused me for no reason at all of having child pornography. Such a demented "person" should be banned as has already happened in the past.
chclau on Wednesday October 11, 2017
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