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Recognized on 5:36 PM, Tuesday January 13, 2015 EST by integral
thanks for your contribution of funny imgurs to the community and your excellent collection of watches.

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Stop with the gay hate. +chat +play +post BigDaddyKane 3:10 AM, Thursday December 18, 2014 EST
Gay hate chat -chat -play -post BigDaddyKane 2:51 AM, Thursday December 18, 2014 EST

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STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
IQ Genius on Saturday December 9, 2017
good player
HeavyMetalManiac on Friday December 8, 2017
A pretty professional player that does what has to be done most of the time even if those he's doing it to don't like it. On second thought you'll discover that most of the moves and actions are reasonable. I am enjoying playing against you - sometimes only on second thought.
Louis Cypher on Friday December 8, 2017
I thought Louis Cypher would complain. He is a sore loser. You can watch the game here and make up your own mind: http://kdice.com/games/80254780 He complains about me as well...
Janhalka on Wednesday December 6, 2017
Has matured into the respectable young man you see today...
Created on Thursday November 30, 2017
Doesnt respect flags
freakstyl on Thursday October 26, 2017
sup slut
48430934809 on Sunday June 21, 2015
Takes life, and this dice game, a little too seriously. Probably a nice guy. Probably should reflect a little on what is truly significant in life. Would benefit from self-reflective meditation. In all, I rate this player half a sideways green moon, with the potential to progress to three-quarter sideways green moon in the future.
Khradams89 on Saturday May 30, 2015
Always cheating. Sad player. Kill early.
Smoke Two Joints on Thursday May 28, 2015
Fair player
Vlaad on Tuesday May 12, 2015
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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