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This player has been modded by the community

trial restoration +chat integral 11:13 PM, Monday May 9, 2016 EDT
muted for repeated harassment of DonnieScribbles -chat integral 11:41 PM, Thursday April 21, 2016 EDT
restored on the 20th like I said. +chat integral 8:26 AM, Wednesday April 20, 2016 EDT
Couldn't even last a day, not gonna be lenient with you anymore. See you in May. -chat integral 12:15 PM, Wednesday April 13, 2016 EDT
I really hope this is the last time +chat integral 5:46 PM, Tuesday April 12, 2016 EDT
no chat rest of month -chat integral 2:17 PM, Monday April 11, 2016 EDT
*unmutes* remember what we talked about! +chat +post jurgen 6:31 AM, Friday April 1, 2016 EDT
given the 20 things I didn't ban you for in the last weeks because I tried to let you cool off, this has gone too far. You can try play without chat from now on -post jurgen 2:36 PM, Monday March 21, 2016 EDT
Lalita Lani: Oh look ass is back -chat jurgen 2:33 PM, Monday March 21, 2016 EDT
I hope you are familiar with the concept of "zero tolerance": no rage. no excuses. no discussion +chat +play +post jurgen 9:28 AM, Sunday February 28, 2016 EST
still no control over rage -chat -play -post jurgen 7:59 PM, Sunday February 21, 2016 EST
restored +chat +play integral 9:48 AM, Sunday February 21, 2016 EST
sort out your problems I'm tired of baby sitting you two -chat -play integral 2:29 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2016 EST
fresh start. have fun +chat +play jurgen 4:36 AM, Thursday February 11, 2016 EST
Lalita Lani and sung2323 will take a joined 3 day ban on ALL accounts for hate speech in chat and general toxicity to this fun game. Take a break and calm down. This game is about having fun and not about raging and ruining other people's day! -chat -play jurgen 3:24 AM, Monday February 8, 2016 EST
agreed to behave +chat +play +post jurgen 8:39 AM, Saturday June 6, 2015 EDT
you and Omari are acting like the worst two kids ever. This has gone too far. Banned until further notice until both of you agree to stop this insanity. Don't play on alts either. -play -post jurgen 2:48 AM, Saturday June 6, 2015 EDT
never ending abusive language -chat jurgen 5:55 PM, Thursday June 4, 2015 EDT
freeeeeeeee +chat +play +post jurgen 2:59 AM, Saturday March 28, 2015 EDT
2 days without Kdice -chat -play -post jurgen 12:56 PM, Monday March 23, 2015 EDT
you can play again, have fun +play jurgen 11:18 AM, Friday November 8, 2013 EST
One month ban for pga. Do not play other accounts either or your ban length will increase. -play jurgen 10:37 AM, Thursday October 17, 2013 EDT

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Dude111 on Wednesday October 20, 2021
i would still do lines off your tits ð???
chiefKeef on Sunday October 10, 2021
Talk talk talk lalita but please: take it off! It s disgusting!
Rafkrik on Friday July 6, 2018
rafkrik I lost a game I wasn't mad about the fact I lost a game. I made a comment about people flagging very early in tourneys and your first response is to insult me and call me a cunt. I do a lot better these days in remaining calm. however when you come in all you do is insult me and my avatar which happens to be a picture of my child and you expect that not to affect anything. like seriously dude. ive tried to be nice to you too since I returned after being gone for pretty much an entire year yet you continue on the same asshole path. same insults. still continue to call me a cunt for no reason when I haven't done anything to you since returning. and no matter how nice I try to be to you you continue to be a jerk then you try and use the card that you yourself are a child. I don't take pity on someone who claims to be a child for attention especially with such fowl language used. so please. grow up.
Lalita Lani on Friday July 6, 2018
bivo was here
???? on Wednesday August 23, 2017
doesn't play members anymore
greeen on Monday January 9, 2017
pga with hisandherpes
krod on Monday December 19, 2016
Crazy. Like, should be institutionalized crazy. Paranoid and mean beyond comprehension. Not surprised by the amount of bans. I'm sure there will be 100's more.
hisandherpes on Monday December 19, 2016
This guy has such a terrible atitude. No wonder he has been banned so many times. Plus, big donkie
viana on Monday December 12, 2016
Foul mouth and temper: http://kdice.com/games/74957949
SOCRATES SLB on Saturday June 18, 2016
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