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pga -play jurgen 4:09 PM, Sunday September 22, 2013 EDT

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PGA with BackstabberNoob - multiple witnesses like Maser, procutter, cyob, getting_revolt, ch1c0_3v0 and some more
Mrs. M on Saturday September 21, 2013
PGA with BackstabberNoob
Deovolt001 on Saturday September 21, 2013
Backsatbbed me after flagged for 2nd and I let him play without flag up. Dont trust this bastard. PGE this piece of shit
Zard0z on Monday September 16, 2013
pga... backstabber!!!
WarPurp on Sunday September 15, 2013
PGA with 'BackstabberNoob'!!!! becarfull
Kurwa_pendecho on Thursday September 12, 2013
pga with play hard and backstabber
Lachlan McIntosh on Tuesday September 10, 2013
just got backstabbed by this guy. dont trust him
JD4U on Sunday September 8, 2013
Bacjstabber , and pga with Lilatouch Shit kill at sight!
Kurton on Thursday August 29, 2013
Backstabber idiot
dainiusg on Tuesday August 20, 2013
3 way PGA with BackstabberNoob and lillatoUch
Irash on Friday August 16, 2013
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