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stabs at 5k
evel on Thursday January 18, 2018
avesano on Friday December 29, 2017
fair ++
piomar on Friday December 29, 2017
ignores flags in tourney
SHO-GUN on Friday December 15, 2017
PGA with gtoo
Armanelo on Sunday November 19, 2017
Fatih Sultan on Sunday October 15, 2017
Doesn't understand flags, or stabs.
kdiceer on Friday October 6, 2017
piece of shit pga
kryp2nite08 on Wednesday September 20, 2017
ahn_bohwan on Friday September 15, 2017
Who is wertrew? He is a simple man, with a simple hobby... being the #1 Lebron James fan in the world today! Sadly though, this fan cannot even get close to his idol and we want to fight for a change! The story? A few years ago in his hometown, wertrew was given a beautiful jersey by his mother. It wasn't just any jersey, it was a Lebron James jersey! He was so excited, thinking about wearing this to school yard games and, maybe, even a trip to the big city to see his hero play an actual NBA game. The vision danced through his mind with delight when suddenly he had a thought, what if I could get this jersey signed by Lebron!?!? He dashed to his computer, found a site that for a small fee would provide home addresses to athletes and movie stars. He was overcome with joy when he saw Lebron James had a vacation home only about 10 miles from his own. He spent day and night trying to figure out when Lebron would be on vacation next so he could get an autograph on his new jersey. After about 2 weeks, he found Lebron would be in town for Christmas celebrations with his family and young son. So, on x-mas day wertrew made a short 10 mile trip to the good part of his home town and arrived at a gated community fence. Realizing it would be impossible to get in under regular conditions, he made a terrible decision in hindsight, but you have to understand he was just a young man who worshiped another man to the point of sexual attraction... and wanted his autograph badly!!! So, Wertrew decorated himself as a Christmas gift and labeled it for the James residence. He arrived and was taken inside and put under the tree by staff at the home. It wasn't until a few hours later when Lebron James young 3 yr old son was opening gifts did a nearly unconscious due to lack of oxygen oxygen wertrew pop out of the box with sharpie and jersey in hand to ask for a autograph. It scared the young child to the point he no longer receives wrapped presents. As you could imagine Lebron was furious and filed a restraining order against wertrew, AND even worse.. did not sign his jersey! This is why the "FREE wertrew" campaign has begun to support him on his quest to have the restraining order removed so he can go get his autograph finally!
sw1ft25 on Monday July 17, 2017
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